At The Eco Owl we want to make ethical and eco-friendly phone cases the new normal. We only source the most eco friendly products to make a difference to our wonderful world. Humans have done massive harm to the nature with plastic pollution… It’s time for a change. Look good without harming the environment!


Having seen the devastating effects of the conventional and ‘fast fashion’ clothing industry, it is clear that we need a positive alternative. This industry is the second largest pollutant in the world, and working conditions are infamous, both in the cotton fields and at the factories. We have came up with an alternative, making products that last and are eco-friendly at the same time.

At The Eco Owl we believe in slow fashion, high quality items that are made to last. Our products are made from organic and recycled materials, and produced in a manner that puts the workers and the planet first. Our biodegradable cases are made from natural wheat straw and bamboo fibre, meaning that they are 100% compostable.

Plastic doesn’t go away unless people start preferring organic and biodegradable materials to it.. It’s time to move away from single use plastics and support our environment through eco-friendly products! Although our impact may be small in the big picture, it all makes a difference and we want to do our part!