At The Eco Owl, sustainability is everything to us. We were founded in 2014 when it came clear to us that fashion industry was having a DISASTROUS effect on the environment. Everything we liked was made with animal leather, harmful materials or slave labour workforces. Sometimes all three.

We couldn’t find sustainable or ethical options no matter how hard we looked.

After digging deep into sustainable living and finding like minded people, we realized that eco-friendly products were also unaffordable. Something had to change.

We started designing and handcrafting our own products in a spare bedroom. This began with wallets made from real cork fabric, then wooden phone cases and even wooden sunglasses. Some of which we still help design and sell today!

To date, we have sold thousands of our own products and this is growing everyday, so much so that demand has overtaken supply and it’s needless to say that we can’t make products in a spare bedroom anymore! When we started, to see even one person making the decision to shop eco-friendly made our journey worthwhile but seeing SO many people who actually care blew us away! 

By 2021, we have close to 10,000 customers who have preferred biodegradable and eco-friendly cases to plastic by choosing The Eco Owl.